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June:  National CPR Challenge                                                 

When: Annually the last Friday of the month of June – Nationwide CPR training
2017 date: Friday, June 30th
Dynamic Services Non-Profit Inc. along with several other certified American Heart Association & American Red Cross Instructors/trainers join together and provide CPR nationwide throughout our country.  Together we train everyone who walks up to the event in free Citizens CPR.  Citizens CPR is a 22 minutes session that will run on-going between 9am – 1:30pm.
Communities all over are encouraged to walk in and receive their free class.
Knowing these skills, allow each participant to be equipped to help a friend, loved one, family member or neighbor during a medical emergency (such as heart attack, stroke, asthma attack or any other breathing /unresponsive emergency).
Our goal: To get more people trained on how to recognize and help during a medical emergency, so that we reduce the number, 350,000 people who died annually – many die because the person closest to them, did not know the signs or how to help. Nearly 75% of all heart related emergencies such as cardiac arrest, happen away from a medical treatment center -which means you and I need to know how to help one another.
On this same day we also provide CPR/AED certification at an exceptionally low rate (Registration Required).  During the event there’ll be giveaways, prizes, games, refreshments, activities, special pricing & sales.    
Great products & services will be available, such as AED – Defibrillator. Manufacture’s & distributer’s make their equipment and trainers available for practice and sale at great sale prices – specifically for this event.
–  Product list and Promo Codes coming soon.  
Plan to join us Friday, June 30, 2017 as we share life changing skillsets and offer amazing products & services through our sponsors & supporters.  To volunteer, donate or make your site available please review the attached presentation and submit your sign up sheet. All donations are tax deductible.
As always, we’d like to say  thank you for your support. This event is a success due to the countless number of sponsors/volunteers/event supporters.
The 2017 event is hosted in seven states: (1) California, (2) Maryland, (3) New York, (4) Ohio, (5) South Dakota, (6) Texas and (7) Utah
– Full address/locations and sponsor lists will be made available on/by May 1st –
– CPR/AED Certification registration will open online, May 15th
– The event is Friday, June 30, 2017 9AM -2PM
To join us this year -or- add your state for 2018, please complete & submit the Sign Up Sheet below.    
This national event is for families, professionals, communities – Everyone!  

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August: Youth Entrepreneur Community Affair

2nd Friday of the month – Summer Youth Outreach 
Youth work together throughout the summer 
marketing/promoting and organizing a company  
supported event. Youth earn community service
hours while gaining life skills.
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November/December/March: Homeless Aid & Prevention

3rd Saturday of the month – Giving is Caring Project 

We collect funds and supplies throughout the year and distribute 100% of all supplies/items to persons in need (Non-perishable food, blankets, hats, gloves, clothes, shoes…).

If you know a community, family or program in need.
Submit an application  Apply

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Sharon Tolson, CEO

Renee DeAbreu

MiShaun Stinnett

Clinton Ceasar




To create content that educates and experiences that inspire leadership and entrepreneurship.



We are a non-profit organization that seek to educate and provide experiences that influence strong leadership, entrepreneurship, and integrity. We mentor, coach and equip communities with skills necessary for processing through difficulties, share positive perspectives and encourage unity.

Our program supports foster care families, help prevent child abuse, inspire positive change and assists with locating shelter and care packages for the homeless.

Our Instructors are certified through organizations such as American Red Cross teaching CPR, First Aid, AED, Babysitting and other life survival skills.

Each time someone takes a Red Cross class through our agency, portions of the cost go directly to Red Cross, supporting disaster relief, blood drive processing and aiding Military families.

Our youth camps and workshops provide volunteer opportunities and train youth how to be leaders and entrepreneurs. Our goal’s to inspire strong community leaders.

Our trainers support individuals, businesses and communities with finding alternative, yet positive and effective solutions.

Our Consultants assist individuals who wish to start their own business or improve the business they already have.

Our mentors influence positive change of the mind set as well as encourage positive choices.

Our community outreach shares with those needing assistance through charitable efforts and events.

Our volunteer efforts encourage unity as well as support and build communities.


Thank you for your support!


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