About Us

Dynamic Services, LLC
began in 2014

Mission Statement
To energize individuals, advance opportunities and influence change through innovation. Recognizing limits are those things in which one sets on themselves – we successfully diverge direction, to involve a variety of aspects driving novel ideas, creativity, success and solutions.

Vision Statement
We inspire our employees to be their best, supporting professional, holistic, and personal growth.
We engage in sustainable practices, anticipate customer needs, empower, remove barriers, celebrate accomplishments, increase credibility and initiate a means to ensure success.

The future represents opportunity and the present reminds us we have another chance. 

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“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” Thomas A. Edison

About the Owner
The owner, Sharon Tolson is a 20 year accomplished entrepreneur. She started her first business in 1995.



Leadership Youth Programs (18 years)

• 24 hours Childcare &  Youth Program(s)
• Teen Mentor
• Nationwide Charity and Community Events

Cousin’s Corner Radio Talk Show (WLVS)

• Producer
• Personality (Inspirational)
• Award Winning Station (Airs, 35 countries)
• Accomplishment: Top five show in its category

Dynamic Services Non-Profit Inc.                                        501 (C) (3) 

All donations are tax deductible.  Donate Today!

• Adult Professional Learning & Development, Certifications and more

• Youth Leadership & Entrepreneur Program

June:  National CPR Challenge
August: Youth Entrepreneur Community Affair
• March/November/December: Homeless Aid and Prevention



Programs formerly provided by Dynamic Services, LLC are now provided by the Non-Profit

A portion of the payments support charity and community service. All donations are tax deductible and fully support the program’s services, charity and missions. 

• Business Workshops
• Charity and Community Events
• Consulting
• CPR/AED/First Aid Certification
•Develop/Customize Presentation/Workshops

• Educational Training & Curriculum Development
• Public Speaking
• Mentor
• Motivation
• Professional Development
• Youth Summer & Community Service Projects
• Workshops (How to File Non-Profit, Computer,…)

Other Business Accomplishments (10 years+)

• Government, Corporate, Small Business and Non-Profit Policy & Performance Analyst

• Learning and Development, Curriculum Development, Project Management, Coaching, Training and Assessments