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We have two course formats:

(1) Instructor-Led Training – Instructor-led training is held in a space -such as a classroom, outdoors, private or business setting. It includes the instructional portion, assessment and skills practice. 

For Scheduling:  (240) 723-6958 desk  / (301) 466-6717 direct

In-person Safety Requirements: Clean/clear floor space, seats, hand cleanser/sanitizer, and course materials. All participants will follow local/federal gov.  and/or CDC guidelines pertaining to outbreaks or heath concerns (social distancing, face mask…).  Disposable gloves – optional.

(2) Blended Learning – Blended-learning format uses online learning (Live webinars or Self-paced/prerecorded videos) to deliver the instructional portion of the course. This online technology adapts to the learner’s knowledge and then presents content specifically to further the learner’s development. A hands-on skills assessment session with an instructor and/or written assessment  completes the course requirements.  Participants will incur two separate cost when both sessions do not occur at the same time or within the same training location. 

The Blended Process:  See Calendar to schedule

Step One  Complete the online training session  (Live or On-Demand/Self paced)

Step Two  Schedule and complete your assessment   (Required for American Heart Association CPR certifications; American Red Cross CPR certifications; and a selection of Dynamic Services Professional Development sessions). 

Practicing at home is a great idea.  Here’s a video on how to make a manikin at home to practice in just a few easy steps: View Video

Use the calendar below to schedule.   

Certifications are issued via email within 24 hours of successfully completing/passing assessment and learning (steps 1 and  2).

Certificate/Card issuing:  American Heart Association (AHA) –  |  American Red Cross –  |  Professional Development & Coaching – 

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Health and Safety Updates

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    CDC COVID 19 updates for the work place 

    OSHA COVID 19 health and safety updates

    OSHA First Aid, CPR requirements – Who should be trained? Everyone!  Anyone living or working in a space absent from the immediate doctor, clinic, hospital or professional medical care should know how to give adequate first aid and recognize the signs of a medical emergency.  All health and safety professionals are required to have professional leveled training.

      general industry, 29 CFR 1910.151(b)

      construction industry, 29 CFR 1926.50(c) 

      bloodborne pathogens standard at 29 CFR 1910.1030(g)(2)

      first aid training standards at 29 CFR 1910.151 and 1926.50(c)


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