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Consultant: Instructional Trainer/Coach/Curriculum Developer
Pay Rate: Commensurable to experience

Employee: Lead Instructional Trainer/ Curriculum Developer up to $22 per hour
Assistant Instructional Trainer up to $14 per hour
Coach/Mentor – Volunteer / up to $15 per hour

Minimum Age: 16 years old

Employee/Contractor is responsible for inspiring positive change through coaching, training and mentoring.

Duties of this position include but are not limited to:
1. Planning:
a. Designing the intervention program so that it is consistent with the client’s goals.
b. Continuing professional growth through participating in meetings and defined professional growth opportunities, reading profession literature, and exchanging ideas with others.
c. Establishing a network/support system in planning and developing.
d. Developing and enhancing curriculum
e. Available for monthly professional development training (up to 4hours) as well as weekly/bi-weekly scheduling (1 hour) eTraining or phone conferences.
f. Independent working and self-motivator must be strong qualities
g. Ability to inspire participation and enrollment

2. Training Assessments:
a. Collection and coordination of data.
b. Providing training/coaching to others.
c. Monitoring the progress of those trained.
d. Attending related meetings.

3. Communication:
a. Maintaining standards of mutually respectful interaction with personnel and clients.
b. Responding to inquires or concerns in a timely manner.
c. Providing time lines, calendars, and schedules.
d. Preparing communiques both electronic and written as needed.
e. Providing follow up and information to clients, colleagues and others same day or within 24 hours via electronic submission (via computer/internet) and/or email.

4. Reporting:
a. Collecting and analyzing data from those trained.
b. Supplying progress reports to Dynamic Services, LLC and other reportable agencies within 24 hours of completing training.
c. Providing follow up data.

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS:1. Minimum of 3 years combined experience as a trainer, mentor, coach, and instruct -and- a minimum of 1 year developing curriculum (for youth and/or adult).
2. Reliable means of transportation
3. Communication through Internet, email, and phone.
4. Clear/clean Background and Drug Check
5. Three verifiable references (Two professional and one personal)
6. Bachelor’s degree preferred (in Teaching, Business, Project Management or related subject)
7. Required: CPR/AED and First Aid Certification (*We can provide this training)
8. CPR/AED and First Aid Instructor certification preferred (may be obtained by applicant)
7. Additional training/course work may be necessary.

For immediate consideration send your resume with 3 references to

Place “Instructional Trainer/Coach/Curriculum Developer” in the subject line. Within your email please tell us which position you are most interested in. In your cover letter highlight your experience and explain why we should select you for the job. Applicants/Employees are subject to a reference check, must pass a background check and drug test

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Volunteer Opportunities (Minimum age 14)
For volunteer opportunities send your resume or letter of inquire to

Place “Volunteer” in the subject line. Tell us who you are, how we can contact you, when you are available to work (days and hours), something about your skills (attach your resume, if available), what you would like to achieve while working with us, how you learned about us and give 3 references (school, work, family, or community leaders). Volunteers are subject to a reference check, must pass background check and drug test.