Youth Leadership Program

Dynamic Services Youth Leadership Program  

Learn principles to succeed.  We are building leaders through example, coaching, disciplined projects, networking, volunteering & charity, and intern opportunities.  



1) Team Building

2) Leadership & Integrity

3) Overcoming Obstacles

4) Self Motivation & Discipline

5) Entrepreneurship



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Registration & Tuition

2019 Registration

Registration (Per student, per year)

$35 – Registration, when you register by/on April 15th

$50 – Registration, when you register after April 15th


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               June 17th –  Aug 16th   [Ages 11-13] and [Ages 14-16]           

               Summer hours 7:00 am – 5:30 pm (Full hours included in tuition)

         Snapshot of our day

              Schedule: Drop of and pick up any time between 7:00 am-5:30 pm

                     7:00 am   …………………….  Doors open

                                 (Creative moments, AM challenges, & more)

Prime Time 9:00 am -3:30 pm   ….  Workshops & Projects  (Plus, Community Services – times may vary.  Saturday community service may be available.)

                   3:30 pm -5:15 pm    ……..  Project Closeouts  & more)

                   5:30 pm     …………………….  Doors close 


  • Year round: Community service hours, workshops and internship [Ages 11-13]  [Ages 14-16]  [Ages 17-24]  Inquire within for more information


Community Outreach

Every year we seek community connections with resources and worth while investments.   If you or your organization would like to work with us, write us at   Individuals and businesses welcome.  Join us! We believe, together we can make a difference.     



2019 Summer 

Tuition: $105 weekly (No Before care or Aftercare fees) We are not a childcare

You may choose to make a donation for an individual that could benefit from our services, but otherwise could not afford them.  Click here. Thank you!

 Summer Program Payment Options: 

$105 Weekly (per week) – With this option the student selects one specific week, per donation to participate. Including the week of July 1st (holiday closing) – Tuition includes special event this week.

Lump payment discount – Receive $5 off each week, when you pay for (4) four weeks or more – in one payment.


What We Do:

We’re creative & fun! We inspire positive change through real work, community involvement, job shadow/career training, leadership projects & workshops, team building projects, games, creative writing, problem solving, and more. Participants receive community service certificate for all volunteer career hours (inquire within for details).


Dynamic Services Non Profit Inc.



Phone:  (301) 466-6717 



Things to Remember:

  • Closed:  July 4th and 5th (special event this week, included in tuition)
  • Proper attire required.
    • Wear neat, loose fitting, clean clothing. Caci, casual pants or jeans are okay. Shorts, dress and skirts are okay (should come to the tips if the middle finger, yet not shorter than just above or at the knee) 
    • Graphics, if worn or shared should be positive/motivating in nature and should not offend or appear to address any particular culture/ethnic group.
    • No tears, holes, slang/rude graphics (or items that could be interpreted as offensive), mini skirts, short shorts, unclean or untidy clothing,  or revealing outfits(or the appearance of).  Wear flat comfortable shoes. Have personal hygiene items on hand. 
  • Supplies, volunteers or equipment may be requested.
  • Participants under the age of 15 may sign themselves in, however, when departing a parents/guardian/designated pick up person must sign the student out.
  • On the first day of service all students will complete their emergency contact sheet (Designated pick up /arrangements included).
  • Dynamic Services Non-Profit Inc reserves the right to refuse service if there are (or the appearances of) either of the following: threats of safety, disregard to rules/self/others, danger to self/others, prejudice, or any other unlawful act. At which time no refunds are rendered.
  • Departure is 5:30pm or sooner. If other accommodations are needed. Please make a written request. Approvals are considered, on a per case bases.
  • Students will receive career volunteer work assignments with area businesses. On the days the student works with a partnering business -pick up and drop off may be arranged directly at the career volunteer assignment location. Parents/guardians will have the schedules in advance to allow for meet & greet and proper planning.
  • Pack sun block, lunch, snacks and water bottles daily
  • Educational and Career trips may incur additional cost.
  • Participants may sign in but parents/guardian must sign out daily
  • We are a Leadership Program. We are not a summer camp, childcare or daycare
  • All donations – tax deductible.